Aziz Abaseery

Aziz Abaseery

Lawyer & Managing Partner
Altria Law lawyer and managing partner Aziz Abaseery

Aziz Abaseery had a bold vision for an innovative global law firm based in Sydney that empowers and gives more people access to quality legal services. He arrived at a flexible solution, where representation is based on a client’s specific case and personal needs. A solution, where the client is in control, and the lawyer works for them.

Aziz has a broad knowledge of the international legal environment. He explored international business transactions and disputes, international commerce, and became fascinated with Common Law, after growing up in Egypt, a county with a legal system based on Civil Law.

Over the course of his career, Aziz has successfully handled broad range of legal matters, negotiated and settled disputes including criminal matters, family law matters, child custody matters, immigration matters and disputes related to property and foreclosure matters amongst others.

Possessing a fascination with the law from an early age, it was natural that Aziz should study the subject at university in Egypt, where he graduated with Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) in the top 5 per cent of his class.

Aziz’s academic success and natural aptitude for the law saw him working in a Cairo, Egypt law office, honing his skills as a negotiator. He moved on to a legal counsel position with one of the largest telecommunications operators in the Middle East; Telecom Egypt, to become better acquainted with business and commercial law.

On earning a scholarship to study overseas, Aziz chose Australia and completed Master of Laws (LLM) at the University of New South Wales, Sydney specialising in international business and economic law.

Aziz continued his distinguished legal education at the University of Arizona, USA earning a Doctor of Law (JD) and practicing for several years in the state of Arizona, USA.

Aziz is passionate about the law, and has selected a team to work around him that shares that passion.