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Immigration Law Fact Sheet

Our fact sheet, drafted by our immigration visa lawyers, provides the basic outline to successfully apply for an Australian visa, permanent residency (migrant) or citizenship status. It will show you the various options and the application requirements to consider for:

  • Temporary visas
    • Visitor visas
    • Working and skilled visas
    • Studying and training visas
    • Family and spousal visas
    • Refugee and humanitarian visas
    • Other visas
  • Permanent residency
  • Australian citizenship
Visa and immigration law information

Visa lawyers explain what you need to know about Australian immigration.

There are three ways to reside in Australia

  1. Temporary visas
    Where you visit for an extended period for recreation, work, study or other specialty reasons.
  2. Permanent residency
    Where you live and work in Australian indefinitely through work, family or as a NZ national.
  3. Australian citizenship
    Where you gain the full freedoms as an Australian, including voting and holding public office.

1. Temporary visas

Talk to Altria’s experienced immigration lawyers today about your particular temporary visa situation. We will help you work through this process to seek the outcome you desire. Out migration law team will assist you choose from the many visa options, with the right one depending on your situation.

Visa application time

The application process varies from visa to visa. Processing times vary greatly, from a few days to well over a year depending on your visa class, so it is best to check the Australian Government’s site here for the most up to date processing times.


2. Permanent residency

An Australian Permanent Resident (Migrant) can live and work in Australian indefinitely, and enjoy most of the benefits of being an Australian. Permanent Residency (commonly referred to as PR) is also a step along the process to becoming an Australian citizen. With over 40 migrant visas available, there are many avenues to gain PR through family or work, or as a New Zealand national. Visas are issued in 5-year blocks, subject to renewal. Upon approval, you can enjoy the freedoms of remaining in Australia, sponsoring family to join you, finding work, studying including government support and accessing Medicare.

Talk to Altria’s experienced immigration lawyers today about your permanent residency desires. We will outline the requirements to be met and work through the process and seek the outcome you desire.

3. Australian citizenship

Becoming an Australian is a very proud and humbling moment, joining one the freest and most enjoyable countries on earth. There are several ways to gain citizenship:

  • If you migrated to Australia and meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply for citizenship by conferral
  • If you were born overseas to an Australian parent, you can apply for citizenship by descent
  • If you were adopted by an Australian citizen, you can apply for citizenship by adoption
  • If you lost or gave up your citizenship, you can apply for citizenship by resumption


Resident requirement

There are two requirements to be met before applying for citizenship:

Talk to Altria’s experienced Australia migration lawyers today about becoming a citizen. We will outline the requirements to be met for Australian citizenship and work through the process and seek the outcome you desire.

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