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Divorce and Family Law Fact Sheet

Understanding the family law legal process will give you peace of mind, helping you navigate this emotional period in a rational and objective way. Our fact sheet provides practical and simple guidance on the process and factors to consider, including:

  • Separation
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Child custody
  • Live with orders
  • Spend time with orders
  • Parenting orders
  • The division of property and assets

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Divorce information by family law lawyers

Information for divorce and child custody by Altria′s lawyers.

Good to know about family law

These points are good to know as you are going through your separation and divorce:

  • You don’t need to provide a reason for divorce.
  • You just need to demonstrate that the marriage has no likelihood of being saved.
  • You can still live in the same house and be legally separated.
  • De facto relationships have similar processes but with certain select differences in the steps undertaken.

We can help you obtain child custody

Often a separation and divorce matter involving children can be more complex, especially when both parents are vying for custody. For this reason live with and spend time with orders (i.e. child custody) take a two-step process. Altria’s experience in divorce law ensures you the best chance possible to obtain the child custody you seek. We advise remaining amicable with your partner as much as humanly possible will generally yield more favourable results for both parties. We always advise to keep the children’s best interests in mind as you deal with this process.

We can help you seek parenting orders through family court

Parenting orders can be submitted at any time, coming from other individuals with concern for the children, such as grandparents. Altria’s family lawyers will work with you to understand your desires for your children so we can seek the outcomes you seek. First, we will assist you with mediation through a family dispute resolution practitioner to try to solve the matter outside of court. If a mutual agreement cannot be reached, the matter may be submitted to the courts for final determination which we will represent your case. Parenting orders can include:

  • Parental responsibility
  • Time and communication with parents
  • Where the child lives
  • Child maintenance

Talk to Altria’s experienced family lawyers today about your particular divorce situation. We will help you work through this process and seek the outcome you desire for child custody.

Splitting up property and assets

The allocation of asset splits between former partners is not considered without a separate application. It is a requirement to seek agreement with your former spouse outside of court. Altria’s expert divorce lawyers will ensure you obtain what is rightfully yours from the marriage.

It is important to disclose the total pool of assets and liabilities as a couple, as well as the financial and non-financial contributions made while together. Future needs of each individual are considered too. The final result must be reviewed to ensure that it is just and equitable between partners, and the various transfers of ownership and payments can then be made. Agreements consider assets and contributions to the marriage, superannuation and spousal maintenance.

There are two ways to resolve matters out of court:

If you cannot reach agreement with your former partner, then the matter can be heard before a Judge or Justice in court. This is typically where costs can increase considerably, so it is worthwhile seeking to settle the matter outside of court as much as humanly possible. The court’s ruling is final, and they will consider your situation on the day of the trial.

Altria’s experienced divorce law team can help you every step of the way, so contact us today to discuss your specific matter.

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