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Commercial Law Fact Sheet

At Altria, we provide advice you can understand, in a straightforward, clear and concise manner. Our Commercial Law fact sheet provides an overview of setting up, running and transitioning a business and the many legal issues you need to be aware of and navigate. In this fact sheet we cover:

  • Business legal structures
  • Franchising
  • Government regulations
  • Trademarking
  • Business contracts
  • Resolving disputes
  • Selling your business
  • Insolvency
  • Succession planning

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Altria Law's fact sheet provides useful information on corporate law, commercial law and business law

Altria Law′s corporate law fact sheet includes useful information on business and commercial law.

Corporate lawyers that manage the entire business lifecycle

From initially setting up the right structure to exiting your position, you will want to ensure that each step on your business and investment journey is done right. Altria’s business lawyers in Sydney will be by your side for the entire journey of your business, protecting you every step of the way.

  1. Setting up your business
  2. Running your business
  3. Selling or transitioning your business

1. Setting up your business

Starting off in the right way is essential for commercial success and to avoid legal pitfalls. Altria’s experienced team of business lawyers are experts in their field and can guide you on the right structure. We are small business lawyers too, and can ensure entrepreneurs get the level of protection they need.

Structuring your commercial venture

One of the most important steps as you start is to ensure that you have the right corporate structure in place. Choosing wisely will reduce your tax burdens, personal liabilities and provide the right protections of all owners. We will listen to your future goals and work with you to set up the right business structure to minimise tax, reduce liability, as well as getting you off in the correct manner for whatever your exit strategy.

Managing regulations with your business law team

Fair trade, employment, health and safety, environmental, intellectual property, insurance and tax considerations all need to be addressed. Each business and industry is different and Altria’s law business law team can assist you maintain compliance. They will identify risks and provide guidance to reduce and insure you against any liabilities.

Trademarking attorneys to protect your IP

You will want to ensure any name is available and consider protecting it with a trademark. Registering a domain name or business name does not mean you have the intellectual property rights to it. Altria’s business lawyers can help choose the right approach to protect your IP, as well as searching to ensure no infringement.

Talk to Altria’s experienced business lawyers today about your corporate law needs. We can assist at every stage of a new business or start up.

2. Running your business

Having the right legal advice and documentation in place allows you to operate a successful enterprise through good business dealings, meeting compliance and protecting your interests. Altria will work with you to get a standard set of minimum contracts in place, and can work with you on a needs basis when the need for bespoke negotiations and contracts arises.

Our lawyers can assist draft the many business contracts you require

Ensuring you are covered with the correct contracts and agreements will result in a healthier business over time. Altria’s experienced commercial law team can assist with all contracts to protect your business dealings.

Our commercial lawyers are seasoned in navigating disputes

Going to court can be a costly option, so we will first seek to resolve the matter out of court, including negotiation or mediation channels. Good commercial contracts outline the various steps that are required to be taken before going to court as a final step.

We can help when you are suing or being sued

Resolving a commercial dispute through litigation can be a time of high emotion and anger. Having Altria’s level headed commercial lawyers in your corner ensures that you get the right advice and representation on the matter to avoid the dispute and reduce the damages if defending a claim, or to seek maximum damages if prosecuting a wrong. We will also work to reduce any personal liability in the process so you do not become personally responsible.


Talk to Altria’s experienced business lawyers today about your business operation needs to ensure your organisation runs smoothly and is adequately protected from damages.

3. Transitioning or selling your business

As your business evolves, you will want to take advantage of opportunities to grow, expand, spin off or wind down. There are a variety of options, and Altria’s experience corporate lawyers will work with you to find the right avenues to take.

Trade sales, mergers and acquisitions

While there are many financial considerations in selling, merging with or taking over an entity, it makes good business sense to work with our corporate law firm early on. From the start of conversations and beyond, we can assist you in the many steps it takes to make a successful transaction. This includes due diligence, pre-sale documents including heads of agreement, MOUs and letters of intent, sale and purchase negotiations and agreements, and licensing and transfer of intellectual property. We will also ensure all regulatory bodies are notified and paperwork processed correctly.

Where your lawyer can advise you during insolvency:

Before taking steps of insolvency Altria’s commercial law team can assist in finding the correct manner to reorganise to trade out of your situation. We can help with creditor negotiations so you remain solvent, as well as protecting you personally and the company during the process.

Preparing for succession

Our lawyers can guide you on succession to family members, and on gradual hand over such as profit sharing agreements. They can also guide you on tax, pension and superannuation implications of any trade.

Changing business structure

Altria’s expert business lawyers will help you review your current set up and can advise you on the pro’s and con’s of any structural changes to your business. There are many different legal, tax and compliance obligations so it’s smart to choose the right structure wisely. We will navigate the process for you, including the necessary steps with the various agencies including the ATO, ASIC and IP Australia. Your business structure can determine your tax liabilities, your responsibilities and liabilities, protection over your assets and the cost and paperwork to operate your business.

Talk to Altria’s experienced corporate lawyers today about the future of your business. We can help with short and long term planning to transition your business.

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