About Us

A law firm that delivers law on your terms

Altria Law is a full-service law firm, offering comprehensive solutions for a broad range of practice areas. No matter your case, we have the lawyers with the expertise and experience to deliver. Altria has turned the legal business model inside out to put in control.

We communicate like ordinary people, not lawyers. We don’t weigh you down in complex legalese, designed to cause confusion. It means we use technology intelligently. It means a level of transparency where there’s no hidden fees and you can be confident, knowing exactly who you’re working with and what you can expect for your investment.

A modern approach with traditional values

Although we embrace traditional legal values—trust, experience and integrity—our approach is refreshingly new. Altria’s team is passionate about providing tailored solutions so you achieve your desired outcomes with the right representation.

Lawyers with flexibility

At Altria, we scale our services to meet your individual needs. Our model is built around total flexibility and transparency, so you get everything you need, and invest in nothing you don’t. We use technology to increase efficiency and to run our firm without unnecessary overhead.

Two convenient locations in Sydney CDB and Beverly Hills

We offer our clients a very tailored service, and we combine the latest in online communications and management with a personalised approach. Your lawyer is available when you need them to answer questions and to outline your case status.


Altria’s self-service guides empower you to make your own informed decisions. We can personalise reports so you get bespoke legal advice, specific to your case.


The right lawyer, for the right job, for the right investment. Our flexible model is based on your individual case and personal needs. Everything is clear upfront.


Our professional law team has been hand-picked from the best in their field to provide you with the optimal outcome. Each of our lawyers specialises in a specific area of law.

Meet our expert law team

Altria provide very best in the legal profession to work closely with you on your case.

No-cost case appraisal

Start the conversation here with our simple Case Starter. Then come and see us for an obligation free consultation, where you can confidentially discuss your case with us. Together we will work out exactly what level of legal representation you require to suit your needs.